Nature walks are really just time spent in nature, exploring, investigating, relaxing, watching, playing, making, noticing, reflecting, studying…just being in nature! It’s important that we give ourselves and children time in nature. It’s important because nature provides us with many, many things.Being in nature: Connects us with the seasons. Helps us understand where our food […]

Nature Walks

Bird Invitation To Play Set up an invitation to play with a bird theme. The idea is that your child will be able to come to the activity as they please, and that there is an open amount of possibilities of what they can do, rather than a right or wrong way of doing the […]

Birds Indoor Activities

Nature can teach us some of life’s biggest lessons! When we spend time with nature (and nature is all around us) and pay attention, study, observe, we learn things about the world. We begin to understand the interconnection of all. We begin to learn that we are not alone, but a part of something much […]

Learning About Leaves

When I was teaching we got into this fun habit of watering the plants every lunch time. The children played outside and we would fill up all the watering cans. And the children absolutely loved it. I have my own memories from my childhood of growing beans in jam jars and looking at their growth […]

Growing a Garden

Throughout the month of March 2021, we will be focusing our studies on the Trees Field Guide and hope that you’ll join us. Tag us in your activities through the month and use the hashtag #TLOLTrees Tree Identification Cards The tree identification cards in Field Guide to Trees are designed for you to build your own set […]


The Curriculums are Rhythms. There are no formal lesson plans as such (though daily and weekly plans are included), but a variety of ideas to allow you and your child to connect. These ideas are structured into a rhythm, like so: Circle Time (story, songs and rhymes) Nature Walk Reflection Hearts and Hands (craft or […]

Circle Time Stories

Throughout the month of March 2021, we will be focusing our studies on the Trees Field Guide and hope that you’ll join us. Tag us in your activities through the month and use the hashtag #TLOLTrees Nature Journal The nature journal cards in our Field Guide to Trees are designed to be used as part […]


In every story we tell there’s a little part of us. Creating a small world play doesn’t have to eat into our budget, take up lots of preparation time or space in your home. Like most things, starting small and keeping things simple is a good idea. Gather natural materials to use as props, twigs […]

In Every Story…

Throughout the month of February 2021, we will be focusing our studies on insects and will be using inspiration from The Insects Field Guide. We are encouraging families in the community to share their insect-themed activities, resources, books, and ideas online by sharing on Instagram and tagging us, using the hashtag #TLOLInsects, or joining our […]

Five Outdoor Activities: Studying Insects

I’ve been thinking about nature journals for children and for grown-ups and for families to collaborate on.  I’ve been thinking about the age old way of drawing a picture and doing some writing at the bottom of the page and how I’m sure we can mix things up a bit. I’m thinking about all the […]

Nature Journals