I’ve been thinking about nature journals for children and for grown-ups and for families to collaborate on.  I’ve been thinking about the age old way of drawing a picture and doing some writing at the bottom of the page and how I’m sure we can mix things up a bit. I’m thinking about all the […]

Nature Journals

Work on your nature journal Using the nature journal cards provided in our Field Guide to Insects you can work on a few pages of your nature journal. The idea is to take the notecards out with you each time you go outside and especially when you will be observing insects. Here are a few […]

Five Indoor Activities for Studying Insects

Rituals play a big part in creating rhythm. Rituals are the repeated actions of our lives. The little details that bring something considered and thoughtful to a moment in the day. Those little details become rituals as we repeat them. We may not remember to repeat them each day, we may only remember sometimes, and […]

Rituals for Rhythm

Take a Sky Walk  On a clear night study the stars. Head to an area with less light such as a garden, park or field, even standing in the dark shadows of a building can help you see the stars more clearly. The less light pollution in your chosen place, the more you’ll be able […]

Five Outside Ideas for Studying The Moon and Stars

What does it mean to tell a story? When we tell a story do we share a part of ourselves? Do we share the experience of visiting a world together? What does it mean to tell a story? When we tell a story do we share a part of ourselves? Do we share the experience […]


Full Moon Celebration How would you like to celebrate the full moon. Each full moon serves as a passage of time. Many cultures and religions follow their calendar based on the moons and the passing of each moon cycle. Perhaps you would like to bring your own culture, religion or heritage into your celebration. Spend […]

Five Inside Ideas for studying The Moon and Stars

When we hear the word ‘study’ it conjures up pictures of books, ready and writing but to really study…we experience, we immerse ourselves, we delve deep and ask questions, we try to find answers and we develop a relationship. When we study nature our learning is never ending, there is always more to know and […]

Nature Study

We’ll be embracing twelve months of nature study alongside each other. We will have a different topic each month, based on one of our illustrated Field Guides. Together we will share ideas,  explore the chosen topic, and support one another in building a family culture with nature study at its heart. Focusing on our chosen […]

A Year Of Field Guides

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Protected: Club Members: October Field Guide

This month is full of seed-themed activities like nature journaling cards, seed swap invitations, a sorting game, sequencing cards, and so much more. If you aren’t a club member this Field Guide will be available in the shop in November. Jill’s Guide Seed Swap Invitations & Envelopes Nature Journal Cards Sorting Game Picture Cards Seed […]

Field Guide to Seeds