Circle Time Stories

The Curriculums are Rhythms. There are no formal lesson plans as such (though daily and weekly plans are included), but a variety of ideas to allow you and your child to connect. These ideas are structured into a rhythm, like so:

  • Circle Time (story, songs and rhymes)
  • Nature Walk
  • Reflection
  • Hearts and Hands (craft or recipe)
  • Purposeful work

I decided to share seasonal stories after seeing how captivated the young children were at the parent and child group (where I worked). I told the children the same story each week for half the season and the stories reflected our landscape and seasonal changes. The stories I have written for The Little Oak Learning are rich in imagination and delight. Each story follows our two main characters, two little sprites as they help the animals in the wood they live in.

The stories share moments of kindness, adventure, discovery and community.

Each of the six stories has a background and paper character puppets. This allows grownups to tell the stories to little ones in a daily storytelling session (circle time). The puppets can be moved around the scene as the story is told, bringing it to life. I’ve been told by many folks of how their little ones have become enamoured with the characters and take great joy in retelling the stories themselves.

What’s worked well for you when telling the stories? Has your little one enjoyed story time?

If you are looking for just story packs to add into your family’s rhythm you can purchase seasonal stories from the shop. Please not that these story packs are the same stories that are already part of the corresponding seasonal rhythms.





Circle Time Stories

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