Do you do refunds?

We don't offer refunds due to our products being digital. I suggest downloading a free copy of the Flowers Unit of Summer Rhythm to get a feel for if the rhythm is a good fit for your family. If you have any questions then please do get in touch.

Are The Rhythms Waldorf?

Although I have been very influenced by Waldorf and feel it has a lot to offer families, this Rhythm does not strictly follow the Waldorf philosophy. I have experience of mainstream teaching, Forest School leading, Waldorf group leading and art and nature workshop leading. This curriculum reflects those varied experiences.

What Age Are The RHYTHMS FOR?

The curriculum is designed with children under five in mind. The suggested activities can be adapted to suit the needs of each individual family. I recommend ages 2 - 5 as the ideal age. Younger children would still enjoy the stories and nature walks. Art activities and baking will need adult supervision.

How will I recieve my RESOURCES?

On purchasing from the shop you will receive a zip file to your inbox containing pdf digital documents which can be printed at home. 

Do you have any advice for printing methods?

There are number of ways you could print the curriculum depending on your budget and the country you live in.

You don't have to print all of the pages. The only pages you will definitely need to print are the story backgrounds and story character (on cardstock). The planning and illustrated activities could essentially stay on your computer or device.

Other families using the rhythms have shared their tips for printing:
You can send them to a homeschool printing company that prints curriculums such as www.thehomeschoolprintingcompany.com
You could send them to a large scale store such as Staples.
You can take them to a copy shop. At a copy shop you can ask them to only print the story backgrounds and story characters on card stock.
You can print at home - hp envy printers have a subscription service for $7-$10 per month which can make printing curriculums very reasonable.
I personally use a Canon iP4850. The quality is good but the cartridges are expensive.

Please choose a printing service which works well for your family before purchasing the curriculum.

What is the difference between the hemispheres?

The main differences are the animals and the setting in the stories. The northern hemisphere stories have animals such as Squirrel, Hedgehog and Badger. These stories are also set in a woodland and The Hiddles (the main characters) live in The Old Oak Tree.

The southern hemisphere stories have animals such as Quokka, Pygmy Possum and Willy Wagtail. These stories are set in the bush and The Hiddles live in The Old Eucalyptus Tree.

Is the curriculum only suitable for homeschoolers?

The curriculum is designed for all families to enjoy, no matter how many days you spend together. The flexible routine and activities allow you to pick and choose what works for your family, whether you are together seven days a week or one day a week.


If you signed up for our freebies the emails will show up in your inbox one at a time and may take a few minutes for them to arrive. Don't forget to check your spam or promotions folder (see above), but if you still don't receive anything after 15 minutes of signing up please email us at hello@thelittleoaklearning.com and we'll be happy to help. Also be sure to check to see if our emails were sent to your spam or promotions folder. One way to make sure that this doesn't happen is to add us to your contact list, hello@thelittleoaklearning.com. 

what is the difference between the rhythm and the club materials?

Rhythms are a comprehensive collection of seasonal learning resources that includes:
- 2 weekly plans
- 10 daily plans
- A story with story telling card, background and puppets
- Songs, Rhymes
- Nature walk activities
- Reflection activities
- Weekly art and craft activities
- Weekly Recipes
- Purposeful work ideas
- A rhythm guide explaining how to use the curriculum
- 6 illustrated story backgrounds
- 6 illustrated sets of puppets
- 6 story cards
- 12 songs and rhymes
- 12 illustrated nature walk pages of ideas for the week
- 12 illustrated art and craft activity pages
- 12 recipe cards
- 12 weekly plans
- 60 daily plans for the twelve weeks
The free Flower Unit is a preview of things that are included within the Rhythms and a great way to test the waters. 
You can learn more about the Rhythm here.

The monthly club membership is a field guide (collection of open ended learning materials) that is based around a specific theme. For example one of the month's field guide was all about birds, you can read more about what's included in the field guide here: https://thelittleoaklearning.com/2019/11/novembers-club-bird-field-guide/. These field guides were created with the Rhythms in mind and can be used either as a tool to further extend some of the topics/themes that show up in the various seasons. The Spring Rhythm for example has a few fun bird related activities so the Bird Field Guide is a great way to further the study/exploration of birds. They can also be used as independent nature study materials if you are not using the Rhythms.

All of The Little Oak Learning resources are created to seamlessly fit into you and your family's own rhythm. All of the activities and resources can be easily customized to fit your needs. Within each unit there are suggested elements of a rhythm. You can put these elements in any order you wish and do them as often as you wish. For example you may want to do a nature walk everyday, or once a week. So some families use the field guides without the addition of Rhythms while others only use the various Rhythms without the use of field guides and others use both in conjunction with one another, there's no right or wrong way to use these tools. 


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