I'm a nature loving artist, educator and story teller. I spend my days in my studio making resources for you to create the family culture you always wished for.

When I'm not creating, you'll find me wandering through woodlands, thermos in my backpack, searching for the best spot to drink tea.

Keep on reading to hear the whole story.

and I'm so happy you are here

This path of mine has been a winding one. Over twelve years I’ve gone from being a teaching assistant, to leading art workshops in a park, to managing education programmes in a historical house, to becoming a class teacher, to creating a Forest School programme, to being an early years leader…

That was the point I decided the hustle and bustle of London life was no longer for me. We packed up our home, said goodbye to our friends, and moved back up north- back to our roots to be close to the mountains, the beaches and the woodlands. I led a Waldorf Parent and Child Group, in a bell tent in a woodland, taught homeschooled children handcraft and taught art workshops to families in the woods. Our days became slower and I reconnected with the natural world, with community, with myself. Slowly, one step at a time I deeply connected with the world around me. 

I created The Little Oak Learning to share this connection, love of nature and simple, gentle activities for young children. I’m here to support you in finding the connection and joy you want for this season of your family life. No matter the circumstances of life, no matter your parenting ‘style’ there is always time together, so let’s build connection, let’s get outside, embrace the weather, notice the details and cherish these moments!

Now I’m able to bring together my passion for family connection and my love of creativity. I design and illustrate each of the ideas and rhythms that I share with you. Today you can find me at my desk, looking out at the birds, drinking tea made from plants I gathered on a walk. I’m drawing away, making resources and rhythms, dreaming up stories and ideas to help you bring connection, joy and rhythm to your family. If I’m not at my desk, just head to the hill called Clougha, I’m the one singing and gathering berries amidst the heather.

The path that I have taken has sure been a winding one, but now I know that the rich experiences I’ve had were for a reason, to be shared with you, in finding your own moments of connection. This sure is a special journey to be on with you.