If you follow the path through the wood, you might just see, at the base of The Old Oak Tree, a tiny red door. Here is the home of The Hiddles. Tiny guardians of the land, taking care of nature all around.

Through the seasons, we hear of The Hiddles adventures. Each day, Lolly, Boppy, Snickle and Pippet support their friends, work as a community and go about their tasks with care and respect for the natural world. 

Each Seasonal Rhythm has six stories of The Hiddles and their gentle adventures.

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Story maker and storyteller. Pippet gathers together the folk of Wishing Wood for stories around the fire. Her imagination runs wild as she gathers the tales of her kinfolk. Weaving memories and stories together, Pippet always has a tale to tell. She loves the daily adventure that she and Pippet go on, as she stores them in her storytelling pouch.


Animal whisperer, he flies on birds and rides on foxes. Snickle loves the animals and they love him. Snickle Hiddle loves adventures and spends most of his days with Pippet and  his furry friends. If there’s ever an animal in need, Snickle and Pippet are always the first to help.


Boppy cherishes his community. He brings everyone together whenever there’s a celebration, which in the land of The Hiddles Family is most weeks! If you bump into Boppy, be ready to be introduced to a friend, for he’s always bringing everyone together.


Lolly is the solid oak of the family. She takes care of her family and keeps them strong with her kindness and encouragement. Lolly is a gifted maker and mender and very resourceful. When she isn’t sewing patches on clothes, you’ll find her making albums of painted memories.


“Snickle spotted something bright over by the sloe bush. A bright blue feather. He picked it up and he and Pippet looked at it. ‘I wonder who it belongs to’ said Pippet. ‘Perhaps the birds in The Old Oak Tree will know’ answered Snickle. They walked around the huge trunk and to their surprise, sitting at the back of the tree, on the ground, was a tiny bird.”

From Fly, Fly Up High

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