Mushroom spore prints This is an activity I did with my Gran as a child. Collect a few mushrooms on an autumn walk. When you get home, remove the stalks and lay the mushroom caps with gills facing down on dark cards or paper. Leave overnight and in the morning lift the mushroom caps to […]

Mushroom Activities

Life Lessons From A Spider My Life Lessons From series of drawings often create thoughtful responses. Why not have a go at making your own. As you learn about spiders, keep a list of things you are learning from them. You could also have thoughtful conversations about what ‘life lessons’ are. Lessons we want to […]

Spider Activities

Grow plants for pollinators Learn about pollinators; who they are, what they do, how they pollinate, and why they are so important. You can plant flowers that support pollinators and bees in your garden or balcony. I’ve shared a few plants here, but they will be different all over the world, depending on your region. […]

6 Bee Activities

Butterfly Observations using Chart I have such fond memories of the Buddleia bush in my grandma’s garden. I would sit on the spongy grass in front of it and watch all the different varieties of butterflies visit. Trying to get close to see their beautiful patterns. Do you know that a group of butterflies can […]

Outdoor Butterfly Activities

Symmetry Butterflies Sometimes it’s the simplest activities, the ones we did as children, that we carry with us and do with our own children. There’s a sweet joy in remembering an activity that we did as a child and sharing it with our little ones, don’t you think? Well I remember doing this activity many […]

Butterfly Indoor Activities

Nature Journal Ideas using the cards Nature journaling doesn’t need to be just one way. Children can bring their creativity to the experience. We can think of nature journaling as a record of our growing relationship with nature. That relationship isn’t just about learning facts and names. It can also be about how we feel […]

Outdoor Flower Activity Ideas

Bulb stages concertina We have a spring bulb concertina which shows the different stages of a spring flower. You can have fun making your own too. Cut a piece of paper in half lengthways. Glue or tape the ends together so you have a long strip of paper. Fold the paper concertina style. Now use […]

Indoor Flower Activity Ideas

Did you have a dressing up box when you were little? It is such a wonderful tool for imaginative play because it gives children the opportunity to explore situations, identity, imagination, storytelling and helps them make sense of their world. If you’re thinking of creating a dressing up box, you could consider some of these […]

Storytelling Tools

Stories are everywhere. We tell each other stories, we watch stories on film and tv, we draw stories, we read stories, we post stories on social media. But most of the time we don’t even think about it. Storytelling is an ancient tradition and it’s interesting to see the different ways we do it now. […]

The Storytelling Home

Keep a Bird Journal  As you learn about birds you may wish to keep a journal together, or one each. Our Field Guide to Birds has a printable journal, or you can make your own. You can make a journal by simply folding pages of paper in half and attaching them with an elastic band, […]

Birds Outdoor Activities