Storytelling Tools

Did you have a dressing up box when you were little? It is such a wonderful tool for imaginative play because it gives children the opportunity to explore situations, identity, imagination, storytelling and helps them make sense of their world.

If you’re thinking of creating a dressing up box, you could consider some of these points:

  • the box can be any old box, a cardboard box will work. You and your child could decorate it.
  • when children have open ended objects to play with the possibilities are endless.
  • imaginary play may look like fantasy stories, and often it looks like children imitating the adults they have experienced in their lives.
  • fabric can become anything… a dress, a cape, a blanket, a bed, a stage, a baby carrier, a bag, a nappy…
  • the dressing up box (and everywhere) should be a safe and non judgemental space for children to explore identity, imitating the people in their lives, replaying lived experiences and having fun.
  • everything can be played with by all genders- meaning, although you may have many open ended objects in your box, you may also have objects that are used by people of specific genders in your home. These objects can be played with and explored openly by all children.
  • the tools that adults use are an important part of imitation and role play. In the dressing up box have access to ‘adult’ tools such as old telephones, old rubber gloves, old glasses, purse, bag… Do you have a dressing up box in your home?

Happy Dressing Up! 💛





Storytelling Tools

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