I have always wanted my learning resources to be accessible to families all around the world and of all different financial incomes, backgrounds, and sizes. I've been very aware that some of the items in my shop may not be in some family's budgets so I've been making an effort to make The Little Oak Learning resources accessible to more families:

The Toolkit is a password protected page on the website where you can access all of the free resources in one place. Some of the freebies include printables like Critter Cards, a Bird Mobile, Rhythm Tools, Nature Scavenger Hunt, and so much more. There is even The Flowers Unit which is one of six topics in Summer Rhythm. A little taster of our rhythms, just for you.

 To gain access to the Toolkit please sign up below and you will receive an email with the link and password. 


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For every ten families who buy a rhythm, we provide one family with a free rhythm' If you would like to add your name to our Families List please send an email with the subject title 'Families List' and we will add you. There's no need to share any personal details with us, this is all based on trust.

Families List

A special trade on Instagram where we traded items around your home for a voucher to any item in the shop. Keep an eye for this event to happen again in the future by following @the_little_oak_learning on Instagram.