I'm Jill Wignall

An early years expert and a creative soul, with a love for childhood magic. I make activities for families like yours to build a joyful, nature based family rhythm.

Illustrator, writer of children's stories, educator and woodland wanderer, I'm happiest drawing in my studio with a pot of tea, illustrating ideas for family activities.

artist, storyteller, early years specialist

A flexible family rhythm to gently guide you and your family through each season. The little oak learning curriculum provides activities for each element of this rhythm:

Through the seasons, we hear of The Hiddles adventures. Each day, Lolly, Boppy, Snickle and Pippet support their friends, work as a community and go about their tasks with care and respect for the natural world. 

Each Seasonal Rhythm has six stories of The Hiddles and their gentle adventures.

Beautifully illustrated resources to create a family culture that's right for YOU.

Story Packs, Rhythms, Learning Cards, and Kits.



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