Learning About Leaves

Nature can teach us some of life’s biggest lessons!

When we spend time with nature (and nature is all around us) and pay attention, study, observe, we learn things about the world. We begin to understand the interconnection of all. We begin to learn that we are not alone, but a part of something much bigger. We learn that change is inevitable and that everything is constantly changing. Moving in cycles.

We can look closely at a single leaf and learn all these things.

I have spent time with nature since my childhood, and my relationship with nature only deepens each day. I don’t think there has ever been a time when I did not tend to this relationship, even living in inner city London for 10 years. Nature has been so kind to me.

Tell me, what is your relationship with nature? Do you call yourself a nature lover? Are you raising nature lovers?

Brainstorming ideas for topic or project based learning is so fun for me. I love to think of all the creative and interesting activities that can be done, and how they can support learning and connect with each other.

The connection of activities strengthens learning. For example, if a child is learning about leaves for science, their knowledge of pattern in maths will also strengthen if they are able to connect it to, say, the leaf patterns they have noticed whilst studying leaves.

We all learn by connecting what we learn. We make comparisons and connections and lean on previous learning to build on our understanding. 
Do you do projects that incorporate and connect different subjects? 💚





Learning About Leaves

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