In Every Story…

In every story we tell there’s a little part of us.

Creating a small world play doesn’t have to eat into our budget, take up lots of preparation time or space in your home. Like most things, starting small and keeping things simple is a good idea.

Gather natural materials to use as props, twigs become logs, leafy stems become trees in a little vase, and pebbles become boulders. A simple piece of fabric can be hung as a backdrop.

If space is limited in your home you could keep these items in a box which comes out and can be set up on a tray, and easily put away again after play.

By providing children with these creative storytelling spaces we encourage their independent play, allow them to explore their imagination and give them a nurturing space to navigate emotions, transitions or scenarios.

Have you had any special small world moments in your home? I love the way little scenes can often be found after play and it gives an insight into the world a child has visited that day during their play





In Every Story…

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