Nature Walks

Nature walks are really just time spent in nature, exploring, investigating, relaxing, watching, playing, making, noticing, reflecting, studying…just being in nature! It’s important that we give ourselves and children time in nature. It’s important because nature provides us with many, many things.
Being in nature:

  • Connects us with the seasons.
  • Helps us understand where our food comes from.
  • Teaches us about creatures, life, death and growth.
  • Helps us feel calmer.
  • Helps us connect with our spirituality if that is something we want.
  • Deepens empathy, gratitude and kindness.
  • Encourages wonder, imagination and intuition.
  • Connects us with the planet as a whole.
  • Teaches us independence and how to keep ourselves warm, dry and sheltered.
  • Teaches us about natural materials and their versatility.
  • Gives us space to explore and challenge ourselves at a pace we are ready for. •Builds our trust in ourselves, bravery and self esteem.

I could go on and on and on with this list. But today I shall just encourage you to reflect on how you feel when you spend time in nature. How do your children feel? Do you notice a change in the way you are as a family? And does every member of your family (including you) have clothes that are suitable to keep you warm and dry (this is so important)? What are some of the challenges you face with getting out in nature? Where will you go on your next nature walk? Taking a little time to reflect on these questions could help you to find ways to make your nature walks regular and enjoyable. 💛





Nature Walks

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