February Field Guide: Moon and Stars

February’s Moon and Stars Field Guide has officially been released to all of our wonderful club members. Here is a sneak peek at the resources that are included in this month’s Field Guide. If you’re interested in joining the club read more about it by clicking on this link:

These moon phase cards were designed to be displayed in a special place in your home where can choose a card as the phases of the moon change and display the current phase. This will help cement your child’s understanding of the moon’s changing phases and creates a small ritual around your moon observations.

I’ve created a moon phase calendar for the year ahead. You can print this and refer to it throughout the year, and there’s a blank version for those who want to write the months and numerals in their own language.

There are so many constellations that I think it could be a whole topic on it’s own! However I chose the zodiac constellations.

The garden wheel gives simple information about planting and growing inline with the moon. It is believed that the moon can have an effect on the growth of plants so I created a wheel for Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

Each month I share nature journal cards for you to use in your nature studies. The idea is to always encourage collaborative journaling, the cards are very open ended and can even be used as gratitude cards or gift tags.

Handwork is a lovely activity to do independently as an adult or with your children.

I see this story as the highlight of this months pack! As with all the stories I make I’ve created a background and puppets, however this month I’ve also created little props that go along with the story.






February Field Guide: Moon and Stars

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