Join the Club and Receive A monthly PRINTABLE pack, full of tools and materials to foster connection, learning and a love of the natural world.

Through my experience of working as a teacher and forest school leader. I have witnessed the great power of the natural world and the positive impacts it has on children’s learning. I have seen children’s self esteem and confidence soar as they begin to spend more time outside, learning about nature. Learning doesn’t look one way - it is multi-layered and multi-faceted. As children have new experiences, they connect the dots to what they have already learnt, adding to their understanding of the world, building a bigger picture.

 Our role as adults is to provide the tools and experiences that support their learning, and assist their instinctive wish to discover and understand. The role of the adult is often busy, with the many responsibilities of caring for children. Finding quality, open ended materials and activities can often be time consuming. Having experienced that struggle myself, during my time as a teacher, I felt inspired to create collections of thoughtful, open ended tools and materials that you will be able to print at home and use for many years. Supporting and uplifting children’s natural ways of learning, will feel easier as you provide beautiful resources to enrich and deepen each learning experience.


What Will I Receive?

7 beautifully designed and carefully curated printable learning tools and materials based on a nature topic. 

A guide from Jill with suggestions and guidance for how the materials could be used to support the learning of 3-7 year olds. 

Access to a private Facebook group to share ideas and ways of using the resources with fellow families and community members.

Discounts on shop items.

Each month you’ll receive:

Picture and word cards
Question cards and discussion prompts
Puppets and stories
Nature exploration activities
Discovery cards
Invitations to play
Charts and Logs
Information on the nature topic
Indoor activities
Outdoor activities
Animal Profiles
Nature Walk Ideas

The printable learning materials and tools may include:

Which Topics Will We Cover?

The topics for the following 6 months will be


CLoud spotting













Is The Membership Suitable For You?

The membership is designed for families and carers of young children on their learning journey, wishing to provide materials and tools which will deepen their children’s learning. The materials will be suitable for those living in urban areas as well as rural areas. As the materials are nature focused and the membership will be open to families all over the world, the focus will not be regional, and instead will explore the study (of eg. bees) worldwide. The materials have been designed with little preparation needed, usually just needing to print and cut materials. You will build a library of resources and as your child shows interest in each topic you will easily be able to access materials and tools to further their learning.