January’s Club: Tree Field Guide

Four Seasons Wheel

This wheel has been created so your child can take pleasure in grasping the concept of the seasons and how the seasons effect trees. With each turn they see the buds and blossom of spring, the bright leaves of summer, turning golden leaves of autumn and the dark bare branches of winter.

0 to 10 Number Cards

A set of leafy numbers to assist any maths or counting activities you are doing.

Storytelling Tree Trunk

I like the idea of this resource being used by families to create all kinds of stories. The possibilities are endless and you or your children could create little characters, or use the characters in the pack. This month I especially like the lift the flap aspect which takes you inside the tree.

Weather Tree

The weather tree can be printed and stuck up on the wall. Perhaps you’d like to put it in a frame without glass. The idea is for you to create a weather key (next to the tree) by colouring the circles different colours for each kind of weather in your region. Each day you colour a leaf depending on the weather. At the end of the year you’ll see the weathers you experienced most.

Nature Cards

Use these cards in your collaborative nature journaling. They’re a good way of keeping all family members involved in your nature studies. Without the pressure of an exercise book you can write notes, draw sketches, annotate questions, make lists, jot down observations and more.

Tree Identification Cards

These fun little cards are designed so that you can build a collection as your knowledge of trees grows. There’s space to draw the tree, leaf, and write a short description.

Keyword Cards

A set of 12 keyword picture cards to accompany your tree studies. Perhaps you’ll cut these out and hang them on a string like bunting or place them in a basket on your nature table.

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January’s Club: Tree Field Guide

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