October’s Club -Mushrooms and Fungi

I’m delighted to release October’s Field Guide to Mushrooms and Fungi. This should be a fun pack full of all sorts of fungi related materials. Let me show you what’s inside!

A Letter & Guide to Using the Materials

I think the guide is what makes each months field guide special. I don’t just give club members the materials, I share ideas for each resource and explain how I imagine it being used. Families have told me they find the guide super helpful and that they refer back to it throughout their studies.

Story Mushroom and Characters

This is my favourite resource this month! It’s a DIY playhouse for you to build and have fun telling stories. The sweet little mushroom has been designed like a house with four little rooms. I think the possibilities are endless with this one.

Mushroom & Fungi Journal

I had so much fun designing the pages of this journal. Some of the pages are blank for your studies and some have guidance with prompts on the page. Perfect to take outside on nature field trips.

Mushroom Parts Puzzle

A simple and fun puzzle for for learning the parts of a mushroom.

Mycelium Fold Out Scene

An illustration of the symbiotic relationship between some trees and fungi. This resource was designed to really help you imagine the mycelium and root systems below ground.

Keyword Cards

A really open ended resource that you can use in lots of ways to build vocabulary in a playful way.

Mushroom Life Cycle

To help understanding of how mushrooms are the fruiting body of fungus and the cycle of mushroom growth.

Nature Journal Cards

I’m such a fan of nature journals, especially when they are pressure free, collaborative and playful. I love the idea of using little cards to write discoveries, questions or annotations. I’ve been creating a new set of themed cards each month for the club members and I imagine their nature journals filing up with these pretty cards over time.

Mushrooms of the World Posters

A great starting point for discovering some of the unusual looking mushrooms. There are mushrooms that glow in the dark, a luminous, look like star fish, and are beautifully decorative. The world of fungi is fascinating!

Make Your Own Identification Cards

You can create your own collection of the mushrooms or fungi that you hope to see in your region. Perhaps you’ll create a new card each time you see a fungi and then learn more about it.

Happy mushroom hunting folks. It’s been so fun to make these materials and I hope you all have fun using them. If you’d like to join the club head over to our club page to find out more!






October’s Club -Mushrooms and Fungi

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