Rituals for Rhythm

Rituals play a big part in creating rhythm. Rituals are the repeated actions of our lives. The little details that bring something considered and thoughtful to a moment in the day. Those little details become rituals as we repeat them. We may not remember to repeat them each day, we may only remember sometimes, and that’s ok, because Rhythm doesn’t mind, she’s kindhearted like that . These rituals are often a message of gratitude. They send a message through the home ‘We’re here together. Let’s celebrate that.’ Each time we light a candle, or tell that favourite story before bed, or use that favourite cup for hot chocolate, we say ‘We’re here together. Let’s celebrate’. Rituals can be thought of as actions of gratitude and celebration.

I’ve shared a few prompts which I hope you may find helpful to take to your journal or ponder over when you can grab a moment. I’m realising that creating rhythm is about taking small steps and repeating them. When we focus on the moments that we already love about our home and family, it’s much easier to repeat them.





Rituals for Rhythm

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