Rituals play a big part in creating rhythm. Rituals are the repeated actions of our lives. The little details that bring something considered and thoughtful to a moment in the day. Those little details become rituals as we repeat them. We may not remember to repeat them each day, we may only remember sometimes, and […]

Rituals for Rhythm

Rituals are repeated acts. We repeat them to help us behave in a way we want, without even having to think about it. Rituals in the family home are especially beneficial in supporting children to understand what is happening and what is happening next. Here I’m sharing some of my favourite rituals for encouraging rhythm.

Simple Rituals For Rhythm

When we are trying to become more aware of rhythm, we want to understand it in a way that supports and guides us, rather than restrains or restricts us. We can think of rhythm as the flow of day and night, the weeks, the months (or moon cycles), the seasons and the year. I’ll share […]

Rhythm of the Day, Week, Month and Year