Nature Study

When we hear the word ‘study’ it conjures up pictures of books, ready and writing but to really study…we experience, we immerse ourselves, we delve deep and ask questions, we try to find answers and we develop a relationship. When we study nature our learning is never ending, there is always more to know and understand. Think of the thing you most enjoy learning about – do you feel you have so much more to learn on that subject? When our learning is immersive and creative the possibilities are endless.

If we can shift our perspective from remembering names and facts we will have SO much more to learn. We will learn life long lessons. We can be creative in our learning, asking questions, noticing feelings, solving problems, developing and understanding connections.

When I was a child I loved the little bits of nature journaling that I occasionally did. I am so keen to start one again, this time using it as a tool to capture what I want to find out and my ongoing journey of nature study.

I am lucky that I now live near to the countryside. But I also live in a city, on a terraced street. I’ve spent all of my adult life living in cities and as I share this journey of nature study, I want it to be inclusive and make sure that I approach this in a way that each of you can too. I’m excited to share this process with you.

Tell me, have you ever kept a nature journal? Do you feel like you ‘study’ nature?





Nature Study

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