May Field Guide: Flowers

Hello! It’s always a pleasure to make materials for your family and I want you to know how grateful I am for your trust and investment, thank you!

This month we have the Field Guide To Flowers and I think it will be delightful! We have a story set, alphabet, maths activity, and much more. My favourite this month is the paper dress-up dolls. I hope they will open up a world of magical imaginative play for your little one(s).

As always I love to hear how you are enjoying the materials and what’s working for you. So please do write to use, share on social media, or share in the Facebook group. It’s always a delight to see your photos and for the community to gain ideas. I hope you have a lovely flower-filled month!

To join the club and gain access to this field guide click here:

Take a peek below to see what’s inside The Field Guide To Flowers.

Warm wishes,

Jill xxx

Your Field Guide To Flowers

Flower Picture Cards

Flower Alphabet

Nature Journal Cards

A Bulb Through The Seasons

Story Background & Characters

Flower Paper Dolls

Flower Pot Maths Activity

Club Field Guide




May Field Guide: Flowers

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