December’s Club- Woodland Creatures Field Guide

December’s Woodland Creatures Field Guide has been designed with woodlands and forests around the world in mind. The materials focus on habitats, woodland layers and the seasons. Kept very open, they allow you to explore your regions woodlands or forests and discover the vital roles that trees play in our ecosystems. At the end of this post is my guide to using the materials with some ideas for how to incorporate them into your studies.

Nature Journal Cards

Created for collaborative family nature journaling. Each month I create themed cards for you to take out with you. Jot down ideas, questions and thoughts, annotate what younger children say or ask and add the cards to a nature journal scrapbook.

Woodland Layers Hanging

Created to explore the different layers of a woodland or forest. This could work as a starting point and as something to refer back to throughout your studies. Explore who lives in the different layers.

3D Four Seasons Tree

One of my 3D paper sculptures. The tree stands up and each quarter has a different season. You can use it to explore how the seasons effect woodland creatures.

Habitat matching cards

A set of 6 habitats and creatures. You can simply match the creatures to their habitats, or use this as a starting point to create your own creatures and add them to the habitats. For example, draw the different birds that live in holes in trees, or your regional creatures that live in burrows in the ground.

Lift The Flap Woodland Habitats

A joyful lift the flap picture. Behind each flap is hiding a little woodland creature. This could create great discussions about habitats and creatures that we don’t always see.

Woodland Background and Characters

Great for storytelling and play to explore, strengthen and deepen what your child has already learnt about woodlands.

Picture and Word Cards

Illustrated word cards of the main creatures you may find in woodlands. Some of the cards are of species groups such as ‘mammals’ and could be used as a way of learning about sorting, grouping and types of creatures.

Jill’s Guide to the Materials

Each month I create a guide of ways to use the materials. I hope this month’s guide sparks ideas and is helpful for you.





December’s Club- Woodland Creatures Field Guide

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