November’s Club – Bird Field Guide

This months field guide is all about birds and what a fascinating time I’ve had studying these interesting and varied creatures. Wherever you live in the world you’ll have your own local birds that bring you joy and delight. I’ve designed the materials so that you can bring your own personal bird stories and interests to your family’s learning.

Migration Board Game

The Migration Board Game offers an opportunity to understand bird migration, mapping, travel and journeys in a collaborative way. Each player has a bird passport so they can mark off each place that they visit. The aim of the game is for each player (bird) to visit all the places on the board.

My Bird Journal

My Bird Journal is an illustrated journal to encourage the many routes of learning that birds can take us on – migration, bird song, nesting and habitat, dissecting pellets and bird watching. Some pages have prompts and some are without, each page is illustrated and encourages record keeping, drawing and writing.

Nature Journal Cards

Each month I share a set of nature journal cards. This month’s are bird themed with beautiful decorations and borders around each card. I encourage families to try this kind of collaborative nature journaling. The cards can be used for annotations, sketches, sightings, recording questions, writing lists and describing places.

Invitations To Play

The invitations to play are designed to give you ideas and prompts for creating your own invitation to play. The ideas are split into three categories; literacy, maths and discovery.

Bird ‘top trumps’

These ‘top trump’ style information cards will be a lot of fun to play with and develop games around. The cards have a range of birds from around the world and explore key information such as beak length, wing span, and weight.

Keyword and Picture Cards

A set of 20 illustrated keyword cards relating to birds to build vocabulary and support your child as they learn about birds.

Story Background and Characters

A set of story characters and a background to set up on your table. Children will have fun creating their own stories around the characters and playing with the paper puppets.


A set of 5 bird masks for role play and storytelling.

Jill’s Guide

With each field guide I write and illustrate a guide to using the materials. Here I share many ideas to spark your imagination and build confidence. The materials are open ended and I encourage this kind of learning, giving suggestions along the way for ways to set up exploratory activities.


Club Field Guide




November’s Club – Bird Field Guide

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